Country Cameo natural Sandstone tiles as well as desert sand natural tiles are available in 300x300, 400x400 as well as 600x600 sizes. All natural tiles must be sealed. Sandstone tiles add value to you home and can be used indoors as well as outdoors

  Atlantic Travertine 610x610 is a beautiful and rare natural stone travertine in a 610x610 size. Travertine tiles must be sealed for protection and gives it a invisible finish. Travertine tiles add huge value and can be used indoors as w

Travertine Mosaics are used throughout the house to create unique design concepts. Our tile and design specialists offer free design consultations that is unique to each individual's taste and preference

Various colours of glass mosaics are available in 300x300 sizes. These mosaics can be used for a wall feature design or as listello's for a neat finish, our tile and design specialists will meet you onsite to discuss design concepts using various

Pebble sheets 300x300 in size are very popular for the shower floor as well as around a jacuzi or any water feature throughout the house or outdoors. Pebbles are available in various colours and shapes. Using pebbles creates a calm and stylish finis

Listello creates a stylish finish to a room. Instead of tiling all the way to the top use a stylish colourful listello to create a neat finish. Listellos are available in different sizes & shapes. Glass mosaics can be used as a listello's and add

  Cladding is extremely timeless and very popular. A large variety of cladding is available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Cladding can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Prices start from R190 p/m2.

For a neat stylish finish you can use ceramic shower sheets or glass mosaics for the shower floor. Glass mosaics, travertine mosaics, pebble mosaics, natural stone mosaic or any mosaic available at A2ZTiles can be used on the shower floor. 

Using a bullnose for around a step creates a stylish finish to your home. A Bullnose can be used around a window, a step or can even be used in between tiles to create a unique style. The bullnose colour can be matched to the colour of tile selected

A2ZTiles specialises in designing a unique style of home but using high quality materials, primarily floor and wall tiles, mosaics and cladding and by providing outstanding professional service. A2ZTiles offers a large variety of imported and local p

A2ZTiles offer a personalised service. We specialise in designing a unique style of home. We are featured in the homeowners magazine monthly with the type of design work that we do for our clients. Our boutique showroom is situated in Dunvegan but o

Luxury vinyl floors so beautifully textured feeling is believing. For more info visit SUSTAINABLE FLOORING FOR SUSTAINABLE SPACES   There is more to selecting flooring for a commercial space such as a department

We have a large variety of marble tiles in various sizes and colours. Marble 457x457 start from R395 p/m2. Marble tiles add huge value to a home, it is a investment to use marble tiles in your home, it increases the value of your home.   &nbs
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